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Welcome to Sarplaninac Puppies, located in Scottsville, NY

Country of Origin: Former Republic of Yugoslavia
Height: (male)       22-24 in./56-61 cm
            (female)    20-24 in./51-61 cm

Weight: (male)    100-125 lbs./ 45-57 kg
             (female)    90-120 lbs./41-54 kg
Coat: medium long, gray, red, fawn with black, cream, white Registry:
Group: Flock Guard

The Sarplaninac is an ancient breed from the mountain region of southeastern Yugoslavia. Formerly named the Illyrian Shepherd Dog, the name was changed in 1957 to Macedonian Shepherd Dog Sarplaninac. Until 1970 Sarplaninacs could not be legally exported from Former Republic of Yugoslavia. Since then, growing numbers of American and Canadian ranchers have been successfully using Sarplaninacs for predator control.

The Sarplaninac is a strong-bodied dog standing an average of 24 inches at the shoulder. This well mannered dog is very loyal to its owner and makes a great guard dog for home and property




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